We leverage our operating platform and partner with other entrepreneurs and field experts to launch new concepts.

Using our infrastructure and expertise in daily fresh as well long shelf-life food production, we are able to innovate into various high growth segments where we believe we can maximize value for consumers through missed market gaps. Our projects and brands include:


Our healthy, well-balanced meal plans are the perfect fit to a vegan lifestyle. Offering affordable, tasty plant-based meals and snacks, with consistently refreshed menus packed full of key,
wholesome ingredients – we make it convenient by taking care of the meal prep with daily deliveries.

Contact info@plantpowerdxb.com /  04 343 5446  / Instagram @plantpowerdxb


Sweet Stuff is our specialty, in-house bespoke pastry and desserts bakery. We create unique and elaborate cakes for private events and offices, cupcakes, pops and all kinds of dessert table setups.

Contact info@lovesweetstuff.com /  04 343 5446  / Instagram @lovesweetstuff